Eye of Love Hosts Media Event With Patti Stanger, Joey Zauzig

CYBERSPACE—Pheromone perfume brand Eye of Love hosted The Magic of Matchmaker event held at Mr. Brainwash Art Museum in Beverly Hills on June 10. The event kicked off with a panel discussion with Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker and Eye of Love’s vice president Jacqui Rubinoff, moderated by influencer and TV personality Joey Zauzig.

The panelists delved into topics like how pheromones work, the links between romance and science, tips for successful dating in 2024, and what AI means for the future of dating. Eye of Love’s Matchmaker line of massage candles and pheromone perfumes, co-created by Patti Stanger and Eye of Love was featured throughout the night.

The range, featured on the latest season of the CW Networks’s Millionaire Matchmaker, is designed to enhance attraction and chemistry between people, as seen in various episodes of the season. 

The Magic of Matchmaker attendees included a crowd of media professionals, celebrities, and other VIPs. The Mr. Brainwash Art Museum venue offered a backdrop filled with art exhibitions.

Stanger commented, "Pheromones shouldn’t be underestimated, they’re a unique tool that can help people find love, and this memorable evening helped share that with a wider audience."

Explore the full Matchmaker collection of perfumes and sensual massage candles on Eye of Love’s official website

Rubinoff added, "It was a magical opportunity to share our knowledge of pheromones with our guests and let them experience the allure of our product first-hand!"

The gathering underscored Eye of Love’s distinct presence in the fragrance industry, combining luxury and scientific research to help people connect from the boardroom to the bedroom.