Rocky Emerson, Anna Chambers Headline at Evolved Fights

LAS VEGAS—Rocky Emerson returns to Evolved Fights for a new bout with Nathan “Bone Saw” Bronson while Anna “The Finisher” Chambers takes on Will 'The Lizard" Tile.

The 6-foot-3-inch starlet, a veteran of the sex wrestling site, takes on the veteran performer in a match where the loser will get banged. By Round 3, Bronson seems to have the upper hand when things take a turn.

To watch the scene, click here

Chambers is next as she makes her debut on the platform against Tile, who has won 23 of his 28 matches. The starlet took wrestling classes a while back, but at less than 100 pounds, she is the underdog against the 200-pound Tile.

To watch the scene, click here.

“It’s about time Rocky returns and puts Nathan in his place. Next time he wrestles, he’ll be less cocky. Anna is a scrapper, has some incredible moves, and shows no mercy with Will. We were impressed with her skill and grit and will have her back,” said site owner and referee Ariel X.

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Pictured: Anna Chambers and Will Tile.