Daisy Fuentes Stars in Scene for Seth Gamble's 'Ultimacy II'

LOS ANGELES—Seth Gamble has announced the release of "The Rooftop," the third scene of Ultimacy II, the latest VPOV series for his production brand LucidFlix. 

Starring Gamble and Daisy Fuentes, the project’s latest scene is now streaming on lucidflix.com

Each episode focuses on a different scenario; whether it's a chance encounter, a forbidden attraction, or an intense rendezvous, Gamble's storytelling prowess delves into the complexities of love, lust, and allure.

"Ultimacy has a voyeuristic essence, enriched with a distinctive point-of-view touch," said Gamble. "Imagine an immersive experience akin to those found on some amateur sites, where a woman embarks on a POV date. However, LucidFlix's rendition transcends any semblance of an amateur production; instead, it exudes a more cinematic quality, like a montage in a feature. So the perspective transitions between the intimate first-person point-of-view and the conventional third-person shots, creating an immersive visual journey." 

A representative for Gamble and LucidFlix explains the scenario of "The Rooftop":
"Voluptuous out-of-town guest (Fuentes) finds herself enveloped in the tranquil embrace of a downtown rooftop garden, a sanctuary above the bustling city below. With a book in hand, she seeks solace amidst the verdant foliage, her senses stirred by the gentle caress of the breeze and the subtle scent of blooming flowers. Yet, amid this natural beauty, her attention is unexpectedly seized by the presence of a captivating stranger (Gamble), his gaze fixed upon the sprawling vista before them. His rugged allure and magnetic charm draw her in, igniting a spark of curiosity. Daisy's adventurous spirit prompts her to extend a daring invitation."
Gamble enthused, “Daisy Fuentes epitomizes the essence of what I’d call an 'achiever.' Her career to date is a testament to her unwavering drive for success, recognition, and admiration. Innate ambition is what fuels her; when she arrives on location, she exudes an aura of self-confidence, presenting herself in a positive light and treating everyone on set with the same degree of respect."
Ultimacy II episode three, "The Rooftop," starring Gamble and Fuentes, is streaming only on lucidflix.com.