Corbin Fisher Joins Free Speech Coalition

CYBERSPACEAdult streaming platform Corbin Fisher has joined Free Speech Coalition (FSC) as a gold-level member. Corbin Fisher’s membership will help enable FSC’s fight against censorship of adult content and discrimination against adult businesses.

Corbin Fisher executive VP of business development Brian Dunlap said, "As a gay-owned and gay-operated company, we're particularly sensitive to and aware of the ways in which laws and regulations are weaponized to strip away the rights of and stifle free expression by marginalized communities. The sad fact of the matter is those opposed to free speech and attempting to deny us our right to sexual expression won't ever tire in their crusade to impose their beliefs upon others.  We're honored to throw our support behind the Free Speech Coalition as they work tirelessly on behalf of the adult industry, and tirelessly on behalf of everyone who values free expression."

Corbin Fisher, the company and its namesake founder, have been engaged in the fight for free expression and LGBTQ+ rights for nearly two decades. A pioneer in online adult video, Corbin Fisher was presented with the Free Speech Coalition Award of Excellence in 2010, and Equality Florida’s Service and Leadership Award in 2013.

Free Speech Coalition, the trade and advocacy organization for adult businesses and workers, has filed federal constitutional challenges in Texas, Utah, and Louisiana over recent age-verification legislation aimed at censoring the adult industry. The organization, which has been fighting for the rights of the adult industry for over thirty years, has been working with groups like ACLU, FIRE, EFF, Fight for the Future, Woodhull Foundation, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and others to block unconstitutional restrictions on speech and educate legislators, journalists, and consumers about the dangers of censorship.

Free Speech Coalition executive director Alison Boden said, "We’re glad to have Corbin Fisher by our side as we fight for our rights in Congress, statehouses, and the courts. The threats we face are grave, and our opponents are well-funded. If we expect to defeat them and secure a legal future for our industry, we need a broad and strong coalition of partners from across the industry. I’m grateful for Corbin Fisher’s generous support and their ongoing commitment to the fight."