Interviews Comic Book Art Legend George Pérez

TAMPA, FL—Anyone who's read Marvel or DC comics for a few years, or attended any number of comicons, is bound to recognize the artwork of George Perez, who's worked on series ranging from Wonder Woman to Teen Titans to The Avengers. What he's done with Wonder Woman is particularly noteworthy, since he revived the character which had for several years been ignored by DC and gave her girl power, thereby changing the course of female comic book characters and how women are thought of in the world.

Well, Perez fans are in luck. Monthly Fetish has secured an exclusive interview with the legend for their extra special Cosplay Edition for August. In the Unbound Interview, Pérez tackles questions on how he got his start, on the joys and perils of working for two rival comic book companies at once, the debt of gratitude the makers of the recent Wonder Woman film showed him, his thoughts on cosplay as a fetish and much more.

The article may be read in its entirety here.

“George is nothing short of amazing, and this interview was an honor,” stated Editor Jenn. “I’ve been a huge fan for years and being able to interview him was a dream come true. The best part is we went way beyond the pages of the comic books and really got to know the man. I hope our readers enjoy it.”

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Photo: George Perez in a scene from AMC Channel's Comic Book Men.