Clips4Sale’s Legal Zone Will Be in Session Monday

TAMPA — The Clips4Sale Legal Zone will be in session this Monday, March 9, at 4pm ET/1pm PT with Clips4Sale founder and leader Neil, industry premiere IT attorney Corey D. Silverstein, and special guest attorney Lawrence Walters.

Neil, Corey, and Larry will be discussing California’s controversial AB2389, known as the Sex Worker Permit Bill. The bill would prohibit performers and others in the industry from working at an adult entertainment business or appearing in adult scenes unless they receive a certificate of training completion regarding their employment rights. They’ll break down the relevant pieces of the bill, its implications, why this is an attack on free speech, and actions the adult community can take to combat the bill. Throughout the webinar, there will be a live Q&A. 

“The State of California continues its seemingly endless attacks on the adult entertainment industry with its newest bill, AB2389,” says Corey D. Silverstein. “This recent attack on free speech and adult entertainment workers in California may be the most brazen yet as apparently the State of California wants to dictate whether or not an adult entertainer has the right to consensually engage in adult entertainment.”

Find out more on AB2389 here.

During the webinar, attorney Lawrence G. Walters will also provide an update on the recent ruling from the federal appeals court reinstating the constitutional challenge to FOSTA.

Everyone is invited to attend, whether a Clips4sale studio or not. Get the details here. If you can’t attend the live webinar, watch the full video later here.

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