Clips4Sale to Create a NASA Channel for Mission to Uranus

LOS ANGELES⁠—Clips4Sale reports that it will create a new NASA channel to celebrate the legendary space agency’s probe to Uranus.

NASA recently announced it was seeking suggestions to name the mission from the public. In response, Clips4Sale will provide free streaming services to the agency, allowing NASA to broadcast its mission directly from the platform.

“For the past two decades, we’ve been engaged in our own probes of dark and gassy frontiers, and places like Uranus are not strange or shocking to us!” the company said in a seemingly tongue-in-cheek statement. “We see NASA as a kindred spirit and content partner and look forward to strapping onward with Operation Rosebud or PEGasus or whatever they end up naming the mission. As soon as the probe is launched, we’ll be here to broadcast it!”

Clips4Sale, which announced its support of the NASA mission on Twitter on Sept. 15, says it will debut its channel upon the launch of the probe.