Clips4Sale Shares Seasonal Sales Tips, More in Webinar

TAMPA, Fla.—In October, offered its first webinar to help new and existing producers and models. Company owner Neil dropped a lot of knowledge on everyone who attended and answered a ton of questions.

This Monday, November 5 at noon PT/3 p.m. ET, Clips4Sale will offer its second free webinar focusing on seasonal sales tips and how to make the most cash by the end of the year. The year might be almost over, but there’s a way to capitalize on holiday trends by increasing promotion. Clips4Sale is offering 75 percent commission through the New Year, so now is the time to focus on making the most money possible. Neil will have some great tips, as well as insight on how to be mindful of customer’s potentially amplified needs.

The webinar will run about 45 minutes. It’s available only to producers with Clips4Sale studios. Details on how to join are in the Store Admin under Messages History.

“The last first webinar was completely full and it was great to be able to give our models and producers tools and tips to make more money, as well as answer their questions,” said Neil. “Monday’s webinar will have even more pointers and will open even more possibilities. We want everyone to make the most they can from now until January 15 for the 2nd Annual C4S Clip Sales Contest.”

To suggest a question, email [email protected] by Sunday, November 4.

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