Clips4Sale Launches Healthcare Portal for Creators

TAMPA, Fla.—Clip platform Clips4Sale (C4S) has partnered with VelaPoint to offer a healthcare marketplace that connects C4S models and producers with personalized healthcare plan options.

U.S.-based models and producers can use the new portal to speak with a dedicated agent well-versed in fetish content production and health-relevant issues. The agent will then present plan options at no cost to the creator.

This service is currently available for all U.S.-based C4S models and producers, with access to individual, family, company and more related healthcare and insurance plans. Agents are available now in all 50 states, and unlike most insurers who have specified enrollment dates, enrollment on the portal is offered year-round. Depending on location, the number of plans available and requirements will vary. The portal is open to all United States models and producers with a C4S store.

“Being uninsured or underinsured can put your health at risk, as well as your finances if you’re seriously ill, have an accident, or need surgery,” Clips4Sale general manager Dariusz said. “Healthcare is essential and should be easy to obtain and affordable for everyone.

“With our new healthcare portal, our content partners, models and producers won’t have to worry about being judged for the industry they work in when shopping for health insurance,” Dariusz continued. “Clips4Sale is excited to help our U.S.-based models and studios get the insurance coverage they need with a level of service they deserve.”

Clips4Sale pays a monthly service fees to VelaPoint for the dedicated webpage, service agents and phone line, while VelaPoint maintains and implements the overall service. One hundred percent of any affiliate commission generated by Clips4Sale through the healthcare portal will be donated to charity. The first recipient will be the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), and Clips4Sale will match the donated amount. In this way, the portal will help models and studios two-fold, as SWOP’s focus is to preserve sex workers’ rights, mitigate violence and challenge unjust stigma through education and advocacy.

Those without a Clips4Sale store may set one up here