Do It On A Bunny’s Operation Video Making the Rounds

SANFORD, N.C.—Hasbro’s classic game Operation has an entirely new vibe thanks to Do It On a Bunny, the viral YouTube series from Motorbunny.

The latest installment, titled “Motorbunny Presents Do It On a Bunny: Operation,” features models Sky Blue and Rose Hips trying to play Operation while straddling the popular saddle vibrators.

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The Do It On a Bunny viral video series features models and influencers attempting various creative activities while riding atop the award-winning pleasure machine. With the latest installment, the stars try to outlast the powerful vibrator while playing the classic and famously anxiety-inducing game Operation.

“One classic vibration experience deserves another,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “The point of the video series is to illustrate the impact of Motorbunny’s ‘all-the-way-to-eleven’ power and show how difficult it is to concentrate on anything other than the moment while you’re on it. We also like to show that even though it’s the most powerful ride-on-top vibrator on Earth, Motorbunny can still be a very playful product.”

The video series launched in 2017 with holiday-themed editions for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even a pottery edition featuring a sexy model with her significant other as they re-created the iconic pottery scene from the movie Ghost while riding Motorbunny. To date, there are eleven episodes in the series, with an accumulation of more than 8.5 million views, with more installments to come.

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