Chris Rail’s Party Attracts the Cops in New Reality Kings Scene

LOS ANGELES—Some people might not like to discuss their brushes with the law, but Chris Rail has a tale that must be told and Reality Kings’ “Party's Over, Go Home” has the scoop.

Rail had a party, things got a little rowdy, and the cops showed up. Julie Cash is the responding officer and while she’s got a big bosom and a baton to match, Rail is unimpressed. Seeing her at the door, he ignores her knocks, but a partygoer eventually lets the heat in.

“Look everyone, I hired a stripper,” Rail says, eliciting a cheer from the party people. Cash seems to take it as a quick compliment, but she immediately corrects him and says everyone needs to go home. Rail thinks for a moment and then gets everyone chanting “Take it off! Take it off!” before giving Cash’s uniform a slight tug. Buttons go flying and the bra-covered breasts are revealed enough that Rail just has to give them a little squeeze.

Cash responds by making him strip “to make sure he didn’t have any weapons.” As soon as he does, she takes his love gun into her mouth and the party really starts. 

“Party's Over, Go Home” has been on XVideos and Pornhub as “Curvy Officer” for about a month and has already racked up more than a million views between the two sites.

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