Chris Rail Unpacks 'Zaddy' Trend in New 'Men's Health' Feature

LOS ANGELESChris Rail explains the "zaddy" trend to Zachary Zane of Men’s Health in the new article, "What Is a 'Zaddy' and How Does It Differ From a Daddy?"

The term zaddy has been popularized Ty Dolla $ign’s hit song and has reached new heights of popularity recently on platforms like TikTok.

Rail said, "My opinion on a zaddy is he can walk into any restaurant or bar and take home whoever he wants. It doesn’t particularly have to do with money, age, or looks…It all has to do with his swagger. A prime example of a zaddy is me, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney."

The article further elaborated that the zaddy is set apart from the traditional "daddy" archetype in that he also embodies a blend of carnality, style, and swagger that transcends conventional desirability.

Rail added, "If you are a zaddy, you can fuck hard and long. Conversely, a zaddy can just lay back and relax and let their partner do the job for them. But no matter what, a zaddy is going rounds."

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