Girlsway’s ‘Sucking Up in Class’ Features Charloette Stokely

LOS ANGELES—AVN’s reigning All-Girl Performer of the Year is once again taking on the role of educator for Girlsway, this time in Sucking Up in Class.

Stokely graces the cover of the new release, looking shocked as students Scarlett Sage and Alex More seduce her in an effort to stay out of trouble.

Two of the movie’s scenes feature Char: a girl/girl and a girl/girl/girl. In the twosome, Charlotte muffs up with Chanel Preston. In the threeway, it’s Scarlett Sage and Alex More who get their moments with the master.

In the girl/girl, Chanel is a frustrated parent. Her daughter’s grades have dropped from straight A’s to C’s when she got a new teacher. What’s that have to do with sweet Charlotte? Well, she’s the teacher. Things get heated during a parent-teacher conference until they get overheated—in the best way imaginable. Chanel’s daughter’s grades are about to get back to normal.

The scene with Scarlett and Alex goes a little differently: they are the students and they are naughty girls who are always passing naughty notes. They really don’t want Professor Char-Char to be telling their parents about the truth with their escapades and naturally they dream up something dirty to get themselves out of this hole: like pleasing the teacher’s hole. Maybe they’ve learned something this year after all.

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