Carmela Clutch Talks Industry, COVID & More on the 'Arty 84 Show'

LOS ANGELES—Carmela Clutch is this week’s adult industry guest on the "Arty 84 Show" with hosts Arty 84, Adam Mallet, Ryan Glover and guest comedian Chris Timoney.

Week 20 of America’s shut down has the guys from the Arty 84 Show broadcasting from their home studios again. “The Arty 84 Show – 2020-07-29 – Ep. 142” features Clutch discussing the ins and out of the adult industry, how it’s opened so many doors for her, her career, upcoming and current projects, porn pick-up lines, and how she knew she was a sexual being from a young age. Clutch and the guys also dig into how COVID is affecting everything around the country, and much more.

“These guys are so much fun, and the hour went by insanely fast. My fans and the 'Arty 84 Show' listeners are definitely going to learn a lot about my sexual predilections, the industry, and the lifestyle of a performer—you definitely want to check this out,” says Clutch.

Listen to the 57-minute interview on Apple Podcasts here. Watch the video version of the interview on YouTube here.

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