Candice Ferrington to Appear at Adult Entertainment Expo

LOS ANGELES — Having spent much of the year working with the Vice Industry Token team on the release of the blockchain-based tube site, Candice Ferrington is now refocusing her efforts on producing content. Candice served as the company’s Director of Social media.

“I’m really excited to get back to creating content, and to reconnect with my fans,” said Ferrington. “Being a part of the Vice Industry Token project really refueled my passion for performing. Having a completely decentralized platform to add to the monetization strategy for my content really encouraged me to start producing again.”

After the project’s crowdsale pulling in over $27 million in funds and the successful launch of the MVP, Ferrington is aimed towards inspiring more independent models to take control of their content.

“Owning your own content is key, and utilizing the limitless outlets to monetize it is vital to your longevity as a content producer. That’s why I started selling my new content on Clips4sale, in addition to earning crypto by posting it to With Clips4sale being the top site for fetish clips who’s celebrating their 15th year in operation, it was clear that it was the right company for me to choose to represent at AEE.”

Candice will be signing with Clips4sale exclusively at the Adult Entertainment Expo, scheduled for January 23-26.

“Last year I attended Internext and spent my time speaking with site operators about how they could utilize new technology to monetize their content," she said. "I can’t wait to get back to my fans, whom I’ve missed so much. After a long year working behind the scenes, I’m eager to get back to the other side of things.”

You can visit Candice’s Clips4sale studio and see her fetish content here or by visiting her website,