Caitlin Bell Opens Up in Revealing ‘Your Worst Friend' Podcast

LAS VEGAS—Caitlin Bell gives one of the most revealing interviews of her career in her recent appearance on the "Your Worst Friend" podcast. 
Said podcast host Matt, "You see a bombshell like Caitlin Bell, and your first ignorant thought is that if I had looks like that, I'd never have to work again. In our interview with Caitlin for the fourth season of 'Your Worst Friend: Going Deeper,' we learned that couldn't be farther from the truth. Caitlin took us through her journey of sexual and financial liberation, from her beginnings as a trophy wife to building her own brand, scene by scene, post by post, with a detailed roadmap in mind. There's a lot of podcasts that want to ask the dirty questions to adult performers. But our interview with Caitlin is a prime example of the depth, intelligence, and business acumen that these people possess once you've cracked their flawless surfaces, and we're proud to bring that to you."
Bell raved, "Working with the 'Your Worst Friend' podcast was something that I really needed. I feel a lot of times some of us are afraid to really tell our true story and how we got into the industry and why. I was a completely open book and I appreciated that freedom. They let me dive into who Caitlin Bell was before I became who I am today. Trust me, there were many phases, many names, and many experiences I had to go through to finally find myself. I want to give them a special thanks and I would love to be a part of future episodes."

Check out Bell’s episode of "Your Worst Friend: Going Deeper" here

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