Brandi Love Will Help Rub One Out in ‘The Masseuse 12’

LOS ANGELES — Brandi Love gets to show off in The Masseuse 12 (Sweet Sinner).

Directed by Jacky St James, The Masseuse 12 shows Brandi in a hot scene with Damon Dice. The pair ravages each other on the couch and Brandi’s touch is clearly magic.

“It’s true that I have a little more experience than the average woman when it comes to touching a man or another woman,” Love said. “There are a lot of little tricks you learn along the way, and it’s not just about fucking, it’s about how you touch the other person. It can be a simple brush of the skin, a massage, or any of the other dirtier things you can imagine. We had a great time shooting this. Jacky is amazing and Damon is a great partner.”

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