AVN Magazine Profiles Clips4Sale Owner Neil

TAMPA, FL—Clips4Sale is one of the largest clips sites in the world, so it only stands to reason that AVN would profile its owner Neil in an in-depth interview discussing the past, present and future of his original and still highly rated downloadable clips site.

The article is entitled “A DIY Original: Interview with Clips4Sale's Neil,” wherein Neil discusses some of methods they use to protect their producers from piracy, why they have stayed a market leader since their inception 17 years ago, changes coming to enhance the experience for producers and customers, their top-notch customer service, building partnerships with companies in the interactive world to expand into virtual reality or interactive/immersive content, and more. The interview also details what it takes to open a Clips4Sale store as a producer, along with trends, top-selling categories, and some of the biggest growing genres.

Neil’s interview can be read online here. It will also appear in the printed and online editions of the September issue of AVN Magazine that will be out tomorrow.

“AVN is a great news source for not only the industry, but also the fans,” said Neil. “Clips sites have been and continue to be of the top money-makers in adult right now. This is why you see more competitors popping up. Our site has something for everyone, and this has been a huge key to our continued success. If you’ve ever want to know more about Clips4Sale, you definitely want to read the interview.”

Fans may also wish to check out Neil’s in-depth interview with Monthly Fetish. And those who missed Neil’s live interview on The Totally Inappropriate Radio Show can listen to it here.