Autoblow AI Sex Toy Gets Voice Control Upgrade

LOS ANGELESAutoblow AI, the crowdfunded male sex toy that uses artificial intelligence to replicate human sexual activity, is now upgraded with no wake word voice control and a downloadable blowjob library.

The new Autoblow AI+ comes with a web app that allows men to control their blowjobs via six voice commands: Go, Pause, Faster, Slower, Next and Finish Me. The “Finish Me” command activates the surprise AI experience at the highest speed to bring the user to orgasm as quickly as possible. The web app also grants access to a blowjob library where users can browse and visualize dozens of blowjobs before downloading and saving them for offline use.

“Speaking is the main way we express our sexual needs to partners and I am working towards a future where we will speak the same way to our sexual devices,” said Autoblow AI’s inventor Brian Sloan. “Our six built-in voice commands that control the pace and, importantly, the ending of a machine-given blowjob are an important step in that direction. Using new tech without a wake word makes speaking to the Autoblow feel strangely natural.”

The toy also comes with a first-ever mechanical upgrade: a user adjustable penis gripper. The upgraded gripper now better serves a variety of sizes and allows personalized penis stroking pressure levels.

Because both Apple and Google have been averse to companies that produce apps and devices that explicitly facilitate sexual conduct, all Autoblow AI+ online features are accessed through a web app instead of a traditional app-store downloaded app.

Elaborated Sloan, “We refuse to be forced to use non-sexual words to describe the sexual functionality inside of our app and we refuse to hide or attempt to hide the Autoblow app’s true use case. If we self-censor sexual language in order to reach people in Apple and Google’ app stores, we will only re-stigmatize the normal sexual behavior which millions of people have worked for dozens or even hundreds of years to normalize.

“We reject the stranglehold that Apple and Google have over hundreds of millions of people’s sexual thoughts by limiting the language that can be used to refer to sexual activity within apps in stores they control," he added. "I hope our web-app will inspire other adult product creators to develop outside of the big tech controlled app store system.”

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