Anna Claire Clouds, Arrcus Models Roll Out March Championship

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—The Arrcus Models March Championship is set to begin, and according to adult model and entrepreneur Anna Claire Clouds, it’s going be an all-out war.

The Arrcus Models March Championship has begun: seven girls, three games and two teams, with one winning team taking it all. The competition revolves around which team brings in the most months sold for their Premium Snapchats; the team that sells the most week to week will win.

Each Saturday, Arrcus Models will announce the winning team on the social media via the Twitter accounts of Anna Claire Clouds (@AnnaClaireCloud) and Arrcus Models (@Arrcus_Models). The winning team will score a cash bonus. The losing team will have to post videos of themselves to their Twitter accounts sitting on an entire pizza—and at least one will have to do it completely naked.

“We’re excited about this month and we can’t wait to see which team wins,” Clouds said. “It’s going to be our best March Championship ever! All the girls are in it to win it and you can bring them to victory by subscribing to their Premium Snapchats. If you’ve been waiting, now is the time to become a member!”

Fans can help their team win by joining the Premium Snapchat accounts of their favorite Arrcus models. The Red Team is Sara Mills, Katie Jay and Alexa Onakey. The Blue Team is Anna Claire Clouds, Rainey Wilson, Kat Woods and Kaiia Eve. Get their social media handles, links to their Premium Snapchats, and the 411 about the championship here. And watch the YouTube video here.