ePlay.com Interviews Brielle Day About Content Creation

SAN DIEGOePlay.com has selected Brielle Day to be featured in its ePlay KeyClub Q&A Series about her status as an ePlay Key Club member and how she uses the platform as her streaming site.

In this in-depth interview, Brielle talks about what led her to ePlay, why she creates content full-time, and the new content she’ll be sharing with the ePlay Community in 2023.

Said Day, "I had been building up my content library for over a year, and am so excited to be able to release brand-new, full-length videos to my fans! They are in for some never-before-seen acts, detailed storylines, and lots of naughty fun."

Day is business-savvy with a vision. She wears a lot of hats, including being a full-time content creator, published glamour model, adult industry panelist, social media manager, talent educator, and industry veteran of over a decade.

Day adds, "I was in dance classes for over 10 years until I graduated college... Ballet, hip hop, folk dance, swing, tap, you name it! This is why, soon enough, I will be bringing 'Just Dance' gaming streams to ePlay. Get ready, everyone! It's gonna be a blast."

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