Parasited Drops New All-Girl Orgy Scene 'Just Friends'

BUDAPEST, HungaryParasited has released a new orgy scene titled "Just Friends." The scene, directed by Ricky Greenwood, stars Melody Marks, Lexi Lore, Hazel Moore, and Little Dragon.

A synopsis for the scene is as follows:

"Three school friends, Melody Marks, Lexi Lore, and Hazel Moore, are getting ready for a party they’re throwing at their friend Little Dragon’s house. While they set up, Lexi decides to change into something more comfortable. Suddenly, Lexi gets squirted in the eye. She writhes around on the floor, and a parasite crawls in her snatch, and the possession begins. A few minutes later, Hazel goes to check on her. Lexi tells her to check out the closet, ambushes her, and passes the parasite to Hazel in her mouth. Lexi holds her as the parasite takes over her body, and then they make out on the bed; Lexi rips off her clothes and ravishes her. Then, Melody goes to check on them. Hazel acts as bait as Lexi grabs Melody from behind and puts the parasite in her pussy. Once they’re all on the bed, it’s a raucous three-way. The host, Little Dragon, comes home, and the house is eerily quiet as she walks up the stairs. She finds parasite slime on the bed, gets surrounded by Melody, Lexi, and Hazel, and is knocked to the bed. They tell Little Dragon it's time to become one of them as they slip the parasite into her mouth. The three go off for more sexual hijinx as Little Dragon becomes possessed. Once she joins the wild sex party, it becomes a foursome."

“This is the second all-girl orgy on the site, and the members are really enjoying it. Each girl added to the mix makes it even hotter. By the end, the four girls almost become one sexual being. It’s definitely a mind fuck of the best kind,” says Parasited creator and producer Romero, a.k.a. Mr. Alien.

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