Alison Rey Returns to ‘And Now We Drink’ Podcast

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Adult star and feature dancer Alison Rey has returned to Matt Slayer’s "And Now We Drink" podcast on its latest episode.
In episode 342, Slayer and Ray delve into various topics while they drink, such as the history of line dancing, mysteries of ASMR, the ins and outs of massage etiquette, and debate on orgasms versus full-body ASMR experiences. 
Rey shared her thoughts on the importance of personal attention and how a little role-playing can make all the difference. Slayer and Rey also discussed the nuances of sexual dynamics within adult the industry, compared to civilians. 
As the drinks kept pouring, Rey unveiled her views on dating, sexuality, and the unexpected perks of dating an enthusiastic fan of her work. 
Rey remarked, "It was so good being back on the podcast. Matt and I got pretty real, pretty fast. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably already heard me talk a lot about therapy, my worldview, working through trauma, shame, and mental health in general, and we really get into it in this episode. This past year has sparked some massive change in me, and I think the fans will really enjoy hearing my evolution from my first appearance on the show to this most recent one."
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The video version of the episode will premiere on YouTube later this week on the "And Now We Drink" YouTube channel.
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