Addison Vodka Makes Her Hookup Hotshot Debut

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Newcomer Addison Vodka stars with Bryan Gozzling in a new scene for Hookup Hotshot.

In “Episode 361 - Addison Vodka,” Vodka made her Hookup Hotshot debut. A synopsis of the scene is as follows:

"Dress in Yellow sunglasses, a white collar with spikes, a purple pastel crop top, a fuchsia cropped puffy vest, light blue booty shorts, white knee socks, and pastel-colored platform sneakers, Addison’s scene opens with a striptease so you can discover every inch of this hottie. While it’s happening, Bryan quizzes her about the site and her love of being pissed on.

Bryan steps away from the camera and takes this one on personally. He kisses and manhandles Addison. Trying to class it up, Bryan pees in a martini shaker and pours it into a martini glass to get her “piss drunk.” Next, Addison sucks his dick in a lengthy deepthroat session. Making sure she’s thoroughly wet, Bryan lies Addison down on the infamous white couch for some oral and fucks her hard. Both Bryan and Addison masturbate simultaneously until Bryan takes over, using his hands to please them both. After more deepthroating, Addison jumps on top for reverse cowgirl and more peeing on her and in her mouth as a reward. Addison rims him before he jerks off in her mouth. And here’s a surprise ending with lipstick you don’t want to miss."

“This scene was amazing, and Addison has a perfect body and followed all my cues. See if you can count all the thank you daddies in the 60-plus minute scene. We can’t wait to have Addison back,” said Gozzling.  

Watch “Episode 361 - Addison Vodka" and her behind-the-scenes reel where she gets dressed in the HH closet and does a photo shoot on Hookup Hotshot