Womanizer Launching DIY Store in Berlin

BERLIN—Womanizer is opening its first pop-up DIY store in Berlin, offering women the chance to try out sex toys before buying them. 

The store will be open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m,. Dec. 1-2 in the Seven Star Gallery (7 Gormannstrasse, 10119 Berlin).

“Do it yourself” is quite literally the case here: A separate, soundproofed and stylish private room offers women the chance to test the Womanizer. Its promise? New levels of orgasm in just a short space of time.

“We are still noticing that women are hesitant to buy sex toys. Many of them are unsure of how much benefit a sex toy will bring to their sex life. We want to show these women otherwise; that’s why we are offering the chance to experience the quality and sensations in-store,” said company spokesperson Johanna Rief. “As a little incentive, the first 100 women to try our products will be able to keep the ‘test toy.’ The products are worth 15,000 euros in total – an early Christmas present perhaps?”

Studies report one in three women rarely or never achieves an orgasm. Womanizer is therefore launching its mission “Orgasm is a human right” in an attempt to change this.

Friedrich Tromm, founder and managing director of Womanizer’s brand agency, called Try No Agency, says of the concept: “It is quite something to claim that Womanizer products will finally enable every women to achieve an orgasm. It sounds more like an empty advertising promise. That’s why we want women to experience the reality for themselves.”

The store hopes to open up dialogue and show that sex toys are not dirty objects, but instead offer real enrichment.

Womanizer Pleasure Air Technologie ® is the first technology making it possible for the clitoris to be stimulated without being touched, enabling women to orgasm within a very short time. Many customers are able to enjoy multiple orgasms, as womanizer products do not overly stimulate the clitoris. The user can adjust the pressure waves herself to the required level to feel a new, unique way of reaching an orgasm.

For more, visit Womanizer.com.