Trans-Focused 'Doing It Again Vol. 1: Playful Awakenings' Out Dec. 17

LOS ANGELES—This Tuesday, Handbasket Productions in conjunction with indie distributor TROUBLEfilms will release the first volume of its groundbreaking erotic documentary series, Doing it Again. Volume 1: Playful Awakening follows four pairings of trans women with trans partners, some of whom have just met and some of whom have been together for decades. Feminist Porn Award Winning filmmaker Tobi Hill-Meyer directed this highly anticipated follow-up to Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project.

Feminist Porn Award heartthrob recipient Drew Deveaux returns to the screen in this highly anticipated Kickstarter-funded indie film project, and up-and-coming star Hayley Fingersmith joins her for the highlighted first scene of the film, shot at the legendary Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.

Mixing in-depth interviews and explicit sex scenes, this is a unique and holistic portrayal of trans women's' sexuality, with special care taken to create accessibility tools, including subtitles in English, French, Spanish and German, and a descriptive audio track for people who are blind or have limited vision.

People in Seattle can attend the premiere of "Doing It Again" at the Cockpit on Saturday, Dec. 14. Reference the Facebook event page for more information.

Also be on the lookout for Volume 2: Fearless Revealing, focusing on trans women with cis (non-trans) partners expected in March and Volume 3: Passionate Sweetness, which focuses on trans women and genderqueers, expected in June.

Doing It Again Vol. 1: Playful Awakenings is currently available for wholesale orders by contacting [email protected] or visiting

DVD and digital downloads are also available for purchase directly from the filmmaker at