Third World Media Releases '10 Little Asians 20'

CHATSWORTH, CA — Third World Media has released the 20th installment of the Asian series 10 Little Asians. 10 Little Asians 20 arrives in stores this week. 

"The debut of the 10 Little Asians series was in the year 2000 and was also under the Asian Eyes label," said Director Ed Hunter.  

"At the time, it was one of the very few titles shot in Japan and imported into the U.S. uncensored without any pixelation over the sex. To help us celebrate this monumental release, General Manager Diego Castles has hand-picked 10 of ‘the best’ scenes from 2014 and made it into a special four-hour compilation," said TWM Co-owner Steve Scott.  

Sales Manager David Peskin added, "The 10 Little Asian series gets re-ordered daily. We are running a historic sale on 10 Little Asians 1 - 19 in association with this release. In addition, this is our first box cover in this series that has our new TWM logo design celebrating the company’s upcoming 15 year anniversary."  

For sales inquiries, contact [email protected] or 877-313-3937 ext. 104.