Talent Testing Service Adds Syphilis to Basic Panel

MIAMI, FL.—Talent Testing Service will now offer syphilis testing as part of its TTS Basic Panel option. The syphilis test will complement the HIV-1 RNA and chlamydia/gonorrhea testing already offered in the TTS Basic Panel, the cost for which will remain the same.

The methodology used will be the RPR (rapid plasma regain) screening test for syphilis. The test looks for antibodies present in the blood of people who have the disease.  Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is usually spread during sexual contact, including kissing and/or oral sex. The test is approved by the FDA and is currently used to screen the U.S. blood supply.

"The addition of this test supports TTS’ ongoing commitment to offer the most advanced and complete infectious testing for the adult industry," said the company in a press release issued Friday. "Since 2006, TTS has offered testing for HIV RNA via the FDA-approved Aptima PCR Methodology which detects the presence of the HIV virus earlier than all other tests."

Talent Testing uses QR Codes for validating printed test results, as well as a mobile page for immediate verification of authenticity and access to test results. Also, producers, agents and talent can access a personal online dashboard that provides access to current and previous testing information, with the ability for talent to set up automatic reminders for upcoming test dates.

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