TTS Responds to the Adoption of the Aptima HIV-1 RNA

MIAMI—Talent Testing Service (TTS) has announced today that it welcomes the move by Manwin and APHSS in adopting new testing standards that require their performers and third party producers to visit clinics/laboratories that only use the FDA approved HIV-1 Aptima RNA Qualitative Assay.

“Talent Testing Service has been offering the HIV-1 Aptima RNA Qualitative Assay testing since 2006 as part of our company philosophy to provide the most accurate and reliable testing to the industry,” said Sixto Pacheco, president and CEO of TTS. “The implementation of this methodology in 2006 by TTS was a welcomed addition to our product offering which continues to evolve as new technologies emerge.”

Earlier this month TTS decided that it would integrate as part of its Basic Panel the RPR test which is used to test for syphilis. The addition of this test did not affect the cost structure being offered to talent.

TTS has over 300 drawing sites across the United States staffed with licensed professionals. The company provides same day test results for clients who visit its Miami office before 12 p.m., and 24-hour test results for clients who visit the other 300 facilities.

TTS uses QR Codes for validating printed test results, as well as a convenient mobile page for verification of authenticity on-demand and access to actual test results.

Producers and agents as well as talent are provided with a personal online dashboard that provides access to historical and most recent testing information at no cost. Furthermore, talents can set up automatic reminders for next test dates.