Ryder Skye Prepared to Do Her First-Ever Anal—On- or Off-Camera

VENICE, Calif.—There is only one first time and very rarely are true firsts captured on camera, but Ryder Skye is about to have one and it will be documented. The industry veteran has amazingly never given into the urge—hers or anyone else’s—to have anal sex, but that’s about to change.

“One of the themes at AEE this year was whether or not it is time for me to give up my ass to porn,” Ryder said. “I can’t tell you how many times I was asked that last week! I have gone this long without it, but there were some very interested parties at the show. I thought about it over the past few days and have decided maybe it is about time. It’s a pretty big deal since my ass is still a virgin, but I think maybe it has been long enough.”

Her agents at Ideal Image wasted no time getting the word out. They sent out an email telling the industry her virginity was on the line before she could even hang up the phone this morning. Now that she’s agreed to do it, there’s only one question: Who will be the lucky performer to do the honors?

Check out Ryder’s model page here. Producers interested in shooting her first (or second, third, etc.) anal scene should get in touch "ass soon ass p-ass-ible!"

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