Rock Star Ent. to Debut 'T&A' in 30-Day Exclusive on

Award-winning studio Rock Star Entertainment is proudly announcing the debut of its big award season title, T&A, starring Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley, exclusively on the beta launch of for 30 days before it will be shown on any other VOD site, and two full weeks before its debut on DVD by Adam & Eve Pictures. Moreover, the price point Rock Star has decided to offer T&A at for fans, for a limited-time, is $.99 for the HD rental and $9.99 for the full 1080p HD download-to-own Digital HD copy.
"Fans have been waiting over a year for the first contract star movie of Alexis Texas.” Joshua, the film’s producer, explained. “The DVD is scheduled for release by Adam & Eve Pictures for October 15, and we wanted to give fans an exclusive early look at the movie and do it on a format we believe will be, and should be, the format of the future in both mainstream and adult. This is the first contract star movie for Alexis Texas (who signed last October) and also Teagan’s first new movie since last year’s award-winning D3viance. We are also offering D3viance... at the same limited-time offer price of $.99 on the rental and $9.99 on the 1080p Digital HD download.”
“iPorn offers fans, and the adult business as a whole, an entirely new and revolutionary way of viewing adult movies," he added. "They have high-definition variable bit rate streaming that will stream just as well on 3G mobile devices as it does in glorious HD on wifi connections. Their proprietary video encoder delivers breath-taking dot by dot pixel accurate to the master video, and color representation that has never been seen in adult. For ten bucks, fans download one 1080p version of T&A or D3viance that offers the same resolution as Blu-ray, and one single file that is downloaded and dropped into iTunes, and can be synched to any device that you can synch with iTunes.  iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and even Apple TV."
"This Digital HD download looks as good on your 70” LED television as it does on the iPhone," he claimed."One file gives you all of this. And when you drop the file into iTunes, the movie creates a XXX genre in your movies section, and has a poster, cast list, description, everything you get from any movie you buy from iTunes. You simply download it and drag and drop it into iTunes. We were really blown away when we saw this in action and then streamed to Apple TV."
Joshua said that his company had abandoned Blu-ray, and opined that digital downloading would become the future platform for adult studios to deliver high-bit rate, high definition movies to fans around the world.
“Our business has really taken it in the proverbial ass thanks to the tube sites," Joshua stated. "I personally believe it isn’t just the ‘free’ aspect of tube sites that has fans flocking; it is the instantaneous gratification. iPorn delivers the same instantaneous gratification as a tube site with a price point that is a micro-transaction that everyone can afford... The movies have chapter stops and even Dolby Digital sound. iPorn is gonna be our choice for our digital distribution for the future.”
iPorn is launching in beta now for all platforms—Mac, PC, iOS or Android—and fans can enjoy the full experience now, with even more features to be announced. features several big name studios delivering the newest releases in high-definition, and even offers a full catalog of classic titles from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.
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