LOS ANGELES—OC Modeling.com is excited to announce that two of their models were recently honored with Cyberspace Adult Video Reviews (CAVR) Awards.

Lily Carter was named the CAVR, Debutante of the Year and Heather Starlet was honored as the Special Star of the Year.

This is the first award that Starlet has received in two and half years in the adult industry and she stated, “I am so happy to have won this award. It really means a lot to me a truly do try and do my best in each and every one of my scenes. I can’t wait until my fans see me do more stuff on films in 2011, including my first anal and interracial scenes.”

Carter added, “I am still in shock that I won 2010 Debutante of the Year Tournament from StarletSheet.com and now I got this great news. I am beyond thrilled to be receiving this award. It really is a great honor. Just thinking about the great sex I this year on camera makes me so wet and horny. I truly get off in my scenes, I guess it shows!”

Den, the owner of CAVR stated that Debutante of Year Carter is another starlet that should win her fair share of newbie trophies.

Carter and Starlet are available exclusively at OCM. For more information, email [email protected], or call (818) 626-9550.