‘Marriage 2.0’ Uncensored Trailer Premieres on Fleshbot.com

LOS ANGELES—The sexy, uncensored trailer for the groundbreaking film Marriage 2.0 is premiering today exclusively on Fleshbot.com. Produced by LionReach Productions and distributed by Adam & Eve, the film features compelling sexual performances from adult stars demonstrating the depth of human relationships and emotions.

Marriage 2.0 is sure to become quite the popular title—ambitious to say the least, and that’s what the adult film industry needs: ambition,” stated Fleshbot.com. To watch the trailer on Fleshbot.com, click here.

Releasing next week exclusively on AdamAndEveTV.com, Marriage 2.0 features landmark performances from adult entertainment actors and actresses such as India Summer, Ryan Driller, Dylan Ryan, Nina Hartley, and Mickey Mod, along with appearances from internationally renowned sex and relationship experts such as Emily Morse and Reid Mihalko, The film delves into the nature of commitment and relationships by intermingling hardcore sex into a touching and controversial narrative, ultimately driving a film that challenges the portrayal of sex in cinema.

“The hardcore sex scenes help to shock audiences and also help get them engaged emotionally in what the film is really about: relationships and emotions,” said Marriage 2.0 screenwriter and producer Magnus Sullivan. “Marriage 2.0 gets the moviegoer thinking with all the high production values of a major motion picture and the erotic imagery of the best the adult industry has to offer.”

In Marriage 2.0, India wants to live a full life—a life unfettered by the shackles of shame and tradition—but as she pushes the boundaries of her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, she finds tearing down boundaries is much easier than creating new rules to live by. Set adrift in her search for personal freedom and sexual bliss within the context of an honest and committed relationship, India's deepest insecurities surface as she faces the vulnerability of loving unconditionally. Lost in this new cultural landscape, India turns to sage advice from sex experts, friends, and even her mother, to navigate this inviting but disorienting terrain.

Of the film, author, editor, and sociologist Carol Queen has said, "It's the movie mainstream wants to make but can’t,” and TED speaker and NY Times best-selling author Dr. Christopher Ryan has called Marriage 2.0 “the Holy Grail [of adult film].”

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