‘Marriage 2.0’ SFW Trailer Premieres Exclusively on IndieWire.com

LOS ANGELES—The sexy yet safe-for-work (SFW) trailer for the groundbreaking film Marriage 2.0 has debuted exclusively on high-traffic entertainment website IndieWire.com. Produced by Lionreach Entertainment and distributed by Adam & Eve, the film’s compelling, touching, and intimate narrative is supported by, rather than defined by, its sex scenes. Outstanding performances from adult entertainment actors India Summer, Ryan Driller, Dylan Ryan, and others further bring to life the swirling range of human relationships and emotions.

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“Hardcore sex shocks an audience into attention, but it also gets the viewer engaged in the characters on an intimate and emotionally-invested level,” said Marriage 2.0 screenwriter and producer Magnus Sullivan. “Marriage 2.0 challenges the moviegoer erotically, intellectually, and visually, and still contains all the trappings of a major motion picture.”

Sullivan added, “Thank you to the staff at IndieWire.com for featuring a trailer outside the conventional landscape of Hollywood films. I truly believe adult movies are a pure form of indie films, and I’m excited to get the word out about Marriage 2.0 and hopefully begin changing how people think about sex in movies”

Releasing in late February, Marriage 2.0 is a sophisticated merger between adult entertainment and cinema, which results in a new, relevant, and beautifully transformative genre. The film features dramatic performances from adult industry actors and actresses, such as India Summer, Ryan Driller, Dylan Ryan, Nina Hartley, and Mickey Mod, and guest appearances from internationally renowned sex and relationship experts Emily Morse and Reid Mihalko.

The trailer shows how Marriage 2.0 examines the relationship between sex and intimacy, while elegantly weaving controversial and touching stories addressing commitment, love, modern relationships, and polyamory. It’s the first film of its kind, and its precision and execution will hopefully change expectations of adult films, as well as the way sexuality is expressed through narrative cinema.

In the IndieWire.com coverage of the trailer, writer David Canfield stated, “Alternately erotic and emotional, Marriage 2.0 contemplates whether an open relationship can foster growth and personal fulfillment... Marriage 2.0 looks to be an evocative foray into contemporary sexual politics, as our culture’s conflation of sexual and emotional intimacy gets put to the test.”

Of the film, author, editor, and sociologist Carol Queen has said, "It's the movie mainstream wants to make but can’t,” and TED speaker and NY Times best-selling author Dr. Christopher Ryan has called Marriage 2.0 “the Holy Grail [of adult film].”

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