Manwin to Accept TTS Test Results

LUXEMBOURG—Manwin announced that it will again accept performer-submitted health tests from Talent Testing Service (TTS).

As of July 1, Manwin has required performers to submit FDA-approved tests prior to filming, for all content produced for its brands. The tests must originate from the clinics listed on the website.

TTS is now part of APHSS, and so Manwin will from now on accept TTS test results originating from the APHSS database.

“Performer health and safety is paramount when it comes to production,” said Fabian Thylmann, Manwin managing partner. “We are happy that APHSS and TTS have managed to set aside their differences for the good of the industry. This will also allow performers to have another great testing facility to use.”

Entertainers performing in scenes commissioned for Manwin websites are obliged to provide health tests that are no older than 15 days.

The APHSS program only displays availability of a performer based on both 15-day and 2- day testing cycles. Availability means that a performer has tested clean for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.