Grooby, Third World Media Release 'Canada T-Girl 2' on DVD

BURBANK, CA – Grooby Productions and Third World Media released their latest DVD this week, titled Canada TGirl 2. This is the second installment of the new series and features five hardcore scenes shot by Grooby producer Kevin Dong. It can be purchased directly from Grooby’s online store at

"It's that time of the year when temperatures drop below freezing and Canadian t-girls begin to mate," said Grooby photographer Kevin Dong. "These t-girls are all captured in their most vulnerable moments and brought to you on a silver platter. With a hunger for a deep throbbing maple sausage, these ladies never turn down a piece of meat when it's this cold. Everyone likes a hot piece of meat now and again. Why not try some of the best in the world - Canadian?"

Canada TGirl 2 features five hardcore scenes from Canada’s top performers: Tropicana, Casey Lay, Chloe Rose, Empress, and Anastasia.

Grooby Productions and Third World Media partnered together in 2010 to co-produce, distribute, and sell the Grooby DVD line. Canada TGirls 2 is the latest in its series, followed by recent releases like Shemale Japan 3, The Tranny Chaser, and 5th Annual Tranny Awards: the Winners. For more information, visit or