Erotica LA VIP Giveaway and Mary Carey Highlight Smokin' Hot Tuesdays

HOLLYWOOD — This week’s guest hostess at Crazy Girls' Smokin' Hot Tuesdays will be porn queen, reality TV star and former Gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey. Mary’s latest adult movie, Celebrity Pornhap with Dr. Screw hits stores this week. It is a comeback of sorts and she is ready to reclaim her title a porn’s number one party girl.

In addition to the great music, drinks, fun and porn stars, this week’s Smokin’ Hot Tuesdays blowout will include two Erotica LA VIP prize packages valued at over $500 each. Teravision and AVN are sponsoring this unique give away. Each package will include: 4 Erotica LA VIP Passes, which are three-day passes worth $75 each; an AVN Media Network Messenger bag; Teravision Prizes including signed photos, DVDs, and T-shirts; and a Spyderz CD.

Joining Mary will be super sexy porn vixen Michelle Maylene who will be on hand as a representative of AVN. She will help keep things lively and will be on hand to oversee the prize giveaway. As always, the Spyderz will be providing the rock and roll for Smokin’ Hot Tuesdays.

Come join the Spyderz, Mary Carey and plenty of other celebrities and porn stars as they blow the lid off of mid-week in Hollywood and Crazy Girls.<