East Coast Talents Ups Its Online Security

Adult talent agency East Coast Talents announced today they have added SSL technology to their online presence to enhance site security and protect data exchanged on their website.

“We get upwards of fifty new talent submissions a week,” said John Obryne, the owner of East Coast Talents. “While we do not require prospective new talent to submit sensitive personal information, some do. Our web team, Voodoo Media Group, suggested we lock the site down just to be safe. It made sense to me.”

“Adding security to any site should be a concern, but for sites that accept of send sensitive data it should be a top priority,” said Michael Sinclair, owner of Voodoo Media Group, which is contracted by East Coast Talent to manage its online operations. “Something as simple as SSL can protect your site visitors and give them the confidence to send in forms, buy goods and services or just have peace of mind the site is secure. ECT has always been quick to adopt new features on their website so it’s no surprise they are implementing site security."

East Coast Talent is online at https://eastcoasttalent.com; they can be reached by phone at (732) 859-2414 or email at [email protected].