David Lord has Banner Year for Nominations

LOS ANGELES, CA — Veteran director David Lord has capped off 2013 with multiple nominations for the AVN Awards. The movies he has produced and directed have been nominated dozens of times making for what will hopefully be a great start to 2014. 

“People think I am with Adam & Eve or Wicked exclusively. I do work with both, and my work with Director Joshua, Rock Star Entertainment, is distributed by Adam & Eve,” says Lord. “I am not, however, exclusive to either. I work for whoever has the right project for me. I also have shot for web companies like Naughty America, Gamma, and others. I shoot camera for a lot of well-known directors and I come with gear and lighting. I even edit! I am a complete package.” 

Lord has nominations for the majority of his work in 2013, but his Best Director nomination at AVN is the most self-gratifying. 

“Every nomination is special obviously, but when you see your name alongside great directors individually, it definitely is extra special,” Lord said. “It is an honor, truly, to be nominated alongside such other great talents! Thank you to AVN!”

AVN Nominations: 

  • Sweet Mess Films, Breaking Bad – 6, including Best Parody, Best Director
  • Wicked Pictures, Underworld – 17, including Best Cinematography
  • Rock Star Entertainment, 9, including Best Non-Feature (twice) and Best Director