Teagan Presley Heads to Beaver Falls, Pa.

BEAVER FALLS, Pa.—Teagan Presley loves Beaver...Falls that is. The girl/girl star will feel right at home in the Pennsylvania town ironically named Beaver Falls. The return to Pennsylvania happens only one week after Presley joined Sunny Leone and Alexis Texas last weekend in Philadelphia.

“This has been a hugely busy week for me,” she said. “I featured in Philly last weekend, came home, slept for four hours, then [skinworXXX director] Joshua and I jumped in the car for a two-day photo shoot with Holly Randall and [Adam & Eve Executive Producer] Meredith Christopher. Now I am leaving for Pittsburgh and got to spend all of 10 minutes at home for the week. Why do I keep such a frantic schedule? I love my fans, I love feature dancing, and I love promoting for Adam & Eve. Who else gets to have this much fun?”

Presley dances two shows tomorrow and two shows Saturday at Club Escape. Tomorrow afternoon, Presley makes a short trip to Pittsburgh where she will once again join Mark Madden on his immensely popular sports radio show on 105.9, the X.

Presley stars in two of the biggest releases of the year, both being released next week on Sept. 28, Adam & Eve/skinworXXX releases, D2: Deviance and FemmeCore, which she also directed.

Club Escape is located on Route 18, 7077 Big Beaver Boulevard in Beaver Falls. For more information on Presley’s appearances, visit ClubEscapeGirls.com, or call (724) 359-5900.