LOS ANGELES—Bethany St. James gives her voice to The Huffington Post as a brand new blog contributor. As an advocate for legalized brothers, St. James is putting the final touches on a non-profit organization to help sex workers, men, women and transgendered people in the adult entertainment business. St. James is devoting much of her time to the fight for legalized brothels around the U.S.

"I'm flattered, to say the least that The Huffington Post has given me a forum to explain and discuss my brand of politics," St. James said. "I want Americans to understand that there are more facets to legalizing prostitution than just decriminalization. It’s not a black and white issue. I've been amazed at how rapidly my message is being heard and how quickly it's gaining ground. People are listening!"

St. James shares her real, inside look at the brothel, spa, paid-sex business here. St. James discusses the recent news about actress Sasha Grey here.