LOS ANGELES—On Feb. 4, Alia Janine made an appearance on Russia TV to discuss Craig Gross of the XXX Church’s plans to unveil a campaign against porn to hundreds of churches across the country on Super Bowl Sunday.

She defended the porn industry and performers, and why porn is good for marriages and the economy. After the video of the interview appeared on YouTube, over 5,000 people viewed it in just three days, along with Russia TV viewers in Washington, D.C. and Moscow.

Comments appeared in defense of Gross and the software X3 that he was trying to promote on the site AllVoices.com. Janine wrote a rebuttal that appeared on the site.

“Craig Gross is clearly using porn as a scapegoat to sell his software,” Janine said. “And, the fact that he chose Super Bowl Sunday to spring this on hundreds of church going people is just crazy. There’s nothing wrong with porn or watching it. He's cornering 3-6% of people actually 'addicted' to porn/masturbation and most of that group has strong Christian values. They think he's trying to help, and MAYBE he is, but his software seems to be the main point of interest here. Ron Jeremy is debating Craig Gross March 5 in Seattle. I'm extremely intrigued by what Craig actually has to say about porn, not his software. I know Ron will do a stellar job representing our industry."

Watch the video of the Russia TV interview on YouTube here. Janine’s rebuttal blog can be viewed on All Voices here.