Adam & Eve, 210 Digital Media Launch Adam & Eve Channel

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C.—Adam & Eve and 210 Digital Media have partnered to launch the Adam & Eve Channel on major U.S. terrestrial, cable and satellite companies television. 210 Digital Media the adult broadcasting partner of the Magna Publishing Group.  

This joint venture will feature full-length Adam & Eve Pictures titles, such as the award-winning Eden and The 8th Day, available as video-on-demand programming. While maintaining Adam & Eve Pictures’ strict, sex positive standards, the explicit, yet couples’ friendly fare will include new titles each month.

Adam & Eve Director of New Business Bob Christian says, “To have the Adam & Eve Channel as a top tier channel for millions of American households is a dream come true. We are so excited to be partnered with 210 Digital Media for this historical event.”

Vincent Anelle, president of 210 Digital Media, says, “­Adam & Eve is one of the biggest—and certainly the most highly-regarded—brands in adult entertainment. 210 Digital Media is delighted to bring it to cable TV, where viewers have historically responded best to strong adult brands. We think viewers will be very pleased with the unique adult content Adam & Eve offers.”

Peter Reynolds of Plaid Bag Media negotiated the licensing deal. 

“I am thrilled that Plaid Bag negotiated the deal between these two successful companies and I look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship for all parties,” he said.

For additional licensing information, contact Reynolds at (818) 332-2275, ext. 701, or via email to [email protected].