Adam & Eve Wellness Initiatives Lower Employee Insurance Rates

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C.—Adam & Eve’s employees have benefitted following a novel three-year approach for health improvement and can look forward to seeing a decrease in health insurance rates of nearly 10 percent.

For many employees, this means an annual savings of over $1,000.

Tom Underwood, who manages the human resources department for Adam & Eve, is pleased to announce the wellness initiatives have played a large part in this significant decrease.

“From biometric screenings and individual health assessments to swimming lessons, smoking cessation programs and our first annual 5K run/walk in October, our efforts have had a huge impact on employees’ insurance claims and overall health,” he said. “In addition, we were also fortunate to not have any catastrophic health claims this past year.”

Other programs that Adam & Eve encourages employees to participate in include company-wide basketball, volleyball and horseshoes competitions.

“We started our wellness program in 2007. Since then, we’ve seen drops in percentages of body fat (down 7.69%), body weight (down 4.22%), cholesterol (down 4.37%) and glucose levels (down 3.30%) in employees who participate in the program,” says Underwood.

Adam & Eve has utilized the help of Triad Care, a wellness and disease management company led by Rich White, PharmD. White and his team have been instrumental by evaluating Health Risk Assessments and helping each individual employee reach their target goals.

“It has been a very satisfying experience seeing the positive impact we have made in people’s lives over the past three years. We have truly provided a win-win situation with healthier employees and reduced health care costs,” says White.