7 Veils Media Official Social Media Provider for TES Lisbon

CASCAIS, Portugal—The European Summit is bringing on 7 Veils Media to help take its social media to new heights during the upcoming event, taking place March 1-4 in Cascais.

Founded in 2009, The European Summit brings together professionals from the adult, online entertainment, e-commerce, gaming and other industries for an intensive three-day networking event. The European Summit focuses on the networking experience for its attendees/delegates, particularly given the digital nature of these industries.

As such, the social media component of The European Summit is critical in facilitating inter-personal relationships at the live event, which can help create new opportunities in business. “We're very much looking forward to our working with our social media collaborators 7 Veils Media,” says TES co-founder Walter. “We truly believe they add value and help us keep you well informed before and during TES Cascais.”

“7 Veils Media is proud to bring our expertise and support to this cornerstone event in the affiliate and adult industries. The wealth of knowledge and experience at these events is difficult to capture in person, and using social media, 7 Veils will increase the value and opportunity for everyone involved in The European Summit: attendees, speakers and sponsors alike.”

The European Summit takes place in Cascais, Portugal, on March 1-4. For more information and to register, visit TheEuropeanSummit.com.

7 Veils Media recognizes how the needs of adult entertainment social marketing differ from mainstream and creates successful marketing strategies with deliverable results for long-term success on social media. To inquire about about working with 7 Veils, email [email protected].