Mini Stallion Has Two New Scenes

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—It used to be that if an adult performer was taller than 5'2", it was a big deal. Of course, plenty of them have been smaller than that, but we're not aware of any who have been as tiny as 4'4" Mini Stallion.

Plenty of guys like a smaller girl because they can be put in positions a taller gal couldn’t dream of, but there’s another benefit, especially in the porn biz: A guy’s cock is going to look all that much bigger when it’s next to a girl who’s only four-foot-four.

Hussie Models' Stallion is best described as a "super petite," and weighs in at a featherweight 71 pounds. has taken full advantage of that compactness by hooking her up with Brickzilla for her very first scene, titled “4 Foot 4 vs 13 Inches.” For the math freaks in the crowd, that works out to Brickzilla’s cock being a full one-quarter of Stallion’s height.

But it's not as if Stallion lacks confidence. According to a scene description provided by the company, thanks to her hand and mouth treatments, Brickzilla gets hard, even though Mini Stallion can only get about 1/5 of it into her mouth. Fortunately, the tiny beauty has more success getting all of his meat into her cooch. He approaches her from behind and she backs right up to let him in. Soon, Brickzilla is balls-deep inside her and no one, not even Mini Stallion, knows where all that cock goes—but she survives, and Brickzilla rewards her with her first-ever porn load, which he drops into her mouth.

HussiePass also has a Stallion scene with Jmac titled “The Aerial Porn Show.” Thanks to Stallion's petiteness, the company reports that Jmac was eager to show the tiny one how to fly. He’s 6’ 1”, which means the two performers are about the same height when he’s down on his knees. Jmac’s done more than 2,500 scenes and never worked with anyone of her height, but the pair nonetheless turn in a scene that takes full advantage of Stallion and her 71 pounds, even getting the little thing in a piledriver before cumming on her face before they head off to the shower.

Interested fans can also find Stallion in Adult Time’s “Super Horny Fun Time: Sabina Rouge and Mini Stallion.”

Stallion is represented by Hussie Models. Stallion is available for bookings and her Hussie Models page is here.

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