2017 AVN Awards Winner Buck Angel Taking Buck-Off, Documentary to Japan

LOS ANGELES—Buck Angel—an activist, trans performer director and more—is fresh off major wins at the AVN Awards and “O” Awards in Las Vegas, and is headed to Japan to introduce the award-winning Buck-Off sex toy to a new market.

The Buck-Off, a masturbation piece designed specifically for FTM trans people, was awarded the “O” Award for Outstanding Innovation. The piece was designed by Angel and manufacturer Perfect Fit Brand.

In addition to the “O” Award, Angel also took home the AVN Awards trophy for Best Transsexual Sex Scene with Valentina Nappi for his role in Girl/Boy from Evil Angel.

In addition to his adult industry work, he landed a starring role in HBO’s hit documentary The Trans List and has been showcasing his Sexing the Trans Man Documentary at film festivals around the world.

“All this and the year has only just begun,” Angel said. “I just finished showcasing my films in Denmark and next week I’m off to Japan where I’ll be introducing their country to the world’s first transgendered male sex toy, performing at various events and filming with Japanese female trans icon Miran for Buck-Angel.com!”

The film will be co-produced and directed by Buck’s business partner Daniel “Danny Z” Zeeman and filmed in Japan over a two-week period.

“I’m very excited to help create this new work with Buck which will be one-part documentary of his experiences traveling to Japan for the first time, one part exciting sex scenes with top Japanese trans stars, and one part an expose of the blooming transgender male movement in the country,” Zeeman said.  “I think it’s going to be an amazing trip and we’re going to make Buck a big star in Japan!”

On Feb. 18, Angel will host a Buck-Off Japan release party where he’ll be showing his movie, selling the Buck-Off and be available for a live signature and photo session. This takes place 3-6 p.m. at the Haga Shoten Building in Tokyo, Japan.  

On Feb. 23, he will be hosting at the Buck-Off Club Night where Buck’s fans can watch him perform and strip. This will be taking place at a bar called Stormy Monday in Hitachinaka City, Japan.

To promote Buck’s adult work, sign up at ZBuckz.com.