VR Bangers' Affiliates Racked Up More Than $550K in 2018

CYBERSPACE — Making cash on porn is a dream for many, and with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

VR Bangers launched its own affiliate platform, and then upgraded it into a fully-fledged VR porn system called the VRB Cash. VRBCash.com has been active for only a few months, but the company’s marketing campaign and new, innovative technologies and solutions have significantly improved the operation of the entire system.

According to VR Bangers, the proprietary affiliate platform introduced last year provided partners and affiliates with over $550,000 in 2018, breaking the producer’s record. Preliminary financial forecasts assume that in 2019, this value may exceed $650,000.

“We have been working with our affiliates for few years now, but VRB Cash has given us a boost that actually worked better than we have initially assumed,” says Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “I have always known that VR porn could bring a lot of money not only to producers, but also to people wanting to work with the product outside of the production. When we were entering the business a few years ago, it was so small that not everyone believed in us, and now we can just laugh at all these people’s doubts.”

“Conversion for some of our top affiliates is as high as 1/30, so it is actually no wonder that we hit the record this year,” comments Boris Smirnoff, the CTO of VR Bangers. “We do what we can to help our partners to boost their businesses by doing things like having long calls with them, while trying to educate them on how to sell VR in a better way. Tools provided by VRB Cash are naturally extremely helpful as well, but even though the platform is probably the best one available in the entire market, this year's success is mainly due to people willing to work, and secondly to our proprietary technological solutions.”

“A few days ago I actually spoke to Palmer Luckey, the co-founder of the Oculus VR company, and he said that it is ‘highly unlikely that Facebook will ever allow adult content’,” Abramovich says. “It pretty much means that the future of the VR porn business is all in the hands of producers like VR Bangers and our affiliates that want to take a part in all of that. We certainly do hope to work with more and more people in the future, and together bring VR porn to its greatest era so far!”