$UTHX Is the Newest Metaverse Token on the Solana Blockchain

LOS ANGELES—Utherverse (Utherverse.io) has announced the August 2024 launch of $UTHX, a metaverse token on the Solana blockchain. This token aims to transform the metaverse landscape by offering unparalleled utility within the Utherverse ecosystem.
The $UTHX token presale, available for purchase at Utherversepresale.nexusecosystem.io, will be conducted in four rounds: Round A at $0.05, Round B at $0.055, Round C at $0.06, and the launchpad at $0.065. A total of 210 million tokens will be sold across Rounds A to C, with an additional 80 million tokens allocated to the Launchpad. The total lifetime supply of $UTHX tokens will be 3 billion, but the majority of these tokens are locked and will be released gradually over the next decade as the Utherverse Metaverse expands.
The decision to launch $UTHX on the Solana blockchain underscores Utherverse’s commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology to enhance user experience.
“Solana users will be happy to know that the world's preeminent metaverse has chosen this chain on which to run,” said Utherverse founder and CEO Brian Shuster. “The launch on Solana ensures that $UTHX benefits from Solana's high-speed transactions and low fees, providing a seamless user experience.”
The $UTHX token serves as the main utility token within the Utherverse platform, designed to offer real and necessary utility across the entire ecosystem. $UTHX can be used for various purposes, including transacting outside the virtual world platform using traditional crypto wallets and multiple distributed ledgers. Additionally, users can stake their $UTHX tokens to earn rewards and multipliers on their holdings. The token distribution includes halving rewards for users to encourage platform adoption and airdrops to affiliates, users, and Utherverse Sovereigns.
The token distribution includes halving user rewards, establishing a new user supply reserve to encourage platform adoption, and redistributing the token to the company reserve, affiliates, users, Utherverse Sovereigns, and the company.
Participants in the presale will qualify for additional rewards and staking opportunities. Utherverse has allocated 300 million tokens in a reserve called the New User Strategic Reserve (NUSR). These tokens will be unlocked and airdropped as the Metaverse platform gains popularity, rewarding users based on various criteria, including presale participation. However, due to regulatory restrictions, the presale of $UTHX tokens is not available to individuals in the USA or Canada unless they are accredited investors. For those still interested in participating, Utherverse offers membership packages that include benefits and discounts, as well as in-world tokens for use within the metaverse, at Utherverse.io.
Utherverse's property economy allows users to design and build on virtual land, fostering vibrant social interactions and collaborations. This dynamic economy blends financial opportunities with creative expression, showcasing the platform's innovative spirit and offering a glimpse into the future of digital interaction and economic engagement in the metaverse.
Utherverse's next-generation platform, using the Xaeon metaverse browser, seamlessly interconnects with all metaverses on the platform. Each Utherverse Sovereign can be uniquely customized with its own styles, interfaces, avatars, games, and rules. This decentralized system, enriched by blockchain and Web3 features, offers unprecedented user control and a secure, interconnected metaverse ecosystem.
Content providers within Utherverse are the architects of digital dreams, creating immersive virtual environments, engaging games, captivating experiences, and a myriad of other digital content forms. Utherverse empowers creatives, designers, and makers to monetize their creations within a dynamic virtual economy. By offering a supportive ecosystem, development tools, and an engaged community, Utherverse provides a platform where creativity is currency and innovation knows no bounds.
Since 2005, Utherverse has stood at the forefront of virtual reality innovation, serving tens of millions of users and establishing itself as a metaverse trailblazer. Its proprietary virtual currency, RAYS, has facilitated seamless transactions and interactions for over a decade. Utherverse's robust virtual economy highlights its commitment to community building and providing a safe, immersive platform for global users to connect and explore.
For more information about the $UTHX token presale and to explore Utherverse’s metaverse platform, visit Utherverse.io and Utherversepresale.nexusecosystem.io.