Utherverse, RedLightCenter Launch Innovative 75/75 Affiliate Program

VANCOUVERUtherverse, creator of 3D online adult virtual sex world Red Light Center and more than 11,000 other virtual worlds, has launched a one-of-a-kind $75/75 percent affiliate payout program that essentially allows webmasters to make money by sending traffic to themselves.

Webmasters can send traffic to any virtual world within Utherverse's realm—including the revolutionary virtual sex world Red Light Center, which boasts more than 5 million registered users—and choose between a $75-per-join or 75 percent affiliate check payout. Better yet, webmasters can build their own virtual world and send traffic straight there. Building a virtual world is easier than creating a website, and each world is custom built and branded by the webmaster themselves to become part of the webmaster’s own network. The virtual world they construct can offer whatever the webmaster wants, including their own content, ads for third parties, stores or any other ventures they can dream up.

“This program is totally unique in that webmasters have complete control over what happens to the traffic they send,” Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster said. “Webmasters are no longer sending traffic away through ads, but rather sending the traffic to another part of their own enterprise, where the users will come back over and over again with far greater stickiness than any website can offer, and we’re paying them to do it.”

Webmasters have already started to take advantage of this new program, with several major companies creating worlds that include brand-name movie theaters, retail shops, adult toy stores, clothing stores, live “webcam allies” and stores and other offers that the webmasters have set up with affiliate programs.

“Utherverse member retention is unlike any other site in the online world,” Utherverse President Zak Zarry said. “Users sign up for $20 per month to access the world network, and they are so satisfied we end up keeping them as paid members, often for many years.”

Affiliates can take advantage of the new $75/75 percent affiliate program two ways: start simple and send traffic to Red Light Center, or create a virtual branded 3D world and send traffic straight there – and get paid.

Check out the Red Light Center affiliate program at http://www.redlightcenter.com/Affiliate.

Create a virtual world and become part of the Utherverse social network at http://www.TheVWW.com.